Our Approach

Crisp Creatives brings over 20 years of experience in a variety of media and a solid reputation in project management. We have worked with a variety of clients- from small businesses to corporate and NGOs to UN agencies. We are a boutique agency- which means that we don’t have multiple worldwide locations or a huge payroll (and overheads). What we do have instead is a small dedicated team that dedicates its full attention to a small client list. At Crisp Creatives we also work with a ‘Distributed Team Model’ when needed. What that means is that we work together with a bunch of talented people spread out across the world to create your..well…creatives. By using this model we are able to work virtually and and can contract the finest talent to create a team that is the best match for the project’s requirements. For eg: for a U.S based client  we made an animation film in New Delhi, using art from a talented freelancer based in Singapore. For another content project for a client in the U.K, our writing team was based out of Bangalore, Gurgaon and Chandigarh. Our team along with the added heft of  professionals who’ve been working with us regularly- writers, production artists, PR consultants, designers, video professionals, research consultants, product photographers, social media and public relations professionals, and we can create a dream team with your specific needs in mind.

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