Our Approach

Crisp Creatives is a virtual agency where we work with a ‘Distributed Team Model’. What that means is that we work together with a bunch of talented people spread out across the world to create your..well...creatives. Since we work virtually, we contract only the finest talent, putting together a team that is the best match for your requirements.

Crisp Creatives founders bring over 20 years of experience in a variety of media and a solid reputation in project management. Add to that the heft of freelance professionals who’ve been working with us regularly- writers, production artists, PR consultants, designers, video professionals, research consultants, product photographers, social media and public relations professionals, and you have a dream team on your hands.

You can pick and choose the services that you need or go for the full range offered by Crisp Creatives.



Why Virtual?

Brick and mortar companies have overheads that they have no choice but to build into the costs they quote you. You could go on a bargain hunt and find a freelancer who can do it for cheap, but as anyone who’s spent hours chasing after a free-floating creative professional will tell you- it’s not easy to find someone who is good at their work, cheap and deliver on time.

Since we work virtually, we incur no operating costs- no retinue of full-time employees, no rent, no meeting rooms and no free motivational-munchies in the office kitchen. What we have instead is a dedicated set of self-motivated individuals who don’t need, in fact despise, having a supervisor hovering over their heads. Sometimes our star talents are seasoned professionals who’ve reached a stage where they don’t want to work a 9 to 5 job. And sometimes they are cubicle bound corp-creative types seeking opportunities on the side to keep their creative juices flowing. (Shhhh!)

We bill our clients in a way that reflects our leaner approach. Our aim isn’t to become the cheapest creative agency out there (God knows that market’s full!), but we aim to be the kind where we hear your ideas, share ours and put together creatives more efficiently and of the highest standards.

Our Story

In the last few years, we realized that more often than not we worked regularly for clients who we had met only once, if that.  They email or call with their needs. Then we skype, chat, whataspp, wetransfer, dropbox and cloud share. With the internet and the phone at our fingertips, we really don’t anything else.

No more waging wars with traffic jams and battling for parking spots... Only to get to an interminable meeting of eternal feedback sessions and waiting for "due processes"

We like being the virtual, creative version of movie henchmen- hire us on the phone, pay us online. Job done!

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